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Snow Removal in Orange County

Snow removal in Orange County is a big deal, especially in the colder months. With temperatures dropping at the end of October and beginning January, snow removal teams prepare to make their way into all corners of the county. This includes Orange County beaches and communities along the coast. Here are some tips for easy snow removal in Orange County in the coming days:

o Carry the Right Equipment. Whether you are plowing a driveway or just getting rid of snow on your own, always carry the proper snow removal tools and supplies. For the driveway, you will need a shovel (a two-inch one will do), an attachment for your lawn mower (the kind that will let you push it across the snow) and a pick up truck. For the beach, bring along a shovel and a broom.

o Be Safe. Although snow removal can be a dangerous endeavor, it doesn’t have to be. Always double check to see that you are not on a slippery slope, that there aren’t any power lines or power wires overhead, that there are no fallen trees or branches in the way and that there are no objects blocking your view. Snow can be difficult to notice on the ground, so always watch out for anything that might be blocking your view.

o Make Plans. Before you go snow removal in Orange County, do some research. The area has different types of snow conditions, including white, ice-age and wet/dry. A professional service provider knows that conditions are suitable for which type of snow removal technique. You’ll want to leave now and get to the store as soon as possible, not only to avoid a pile of snow on your driveway, but to avoid damaging your car if you get stuck.

o Clear the Area. After you clear the area, take care to clear all footpaths and parking areas. You don’t want someone getting hurt because they tripped and fell, or you tripped and hurt yourself. Removing the snow should be left to the professionals, not you. If you are in Orange County, get a snow plow out and call them.

o Pick a Date. Once you’ve cleared the area and prepared, make sure you plan a time when you will be gone. This way, you won’t get caught trying to shovel yourself out when you’re done. If you are going to take care of snow removal in Orange County, set up a time that you will be gone. You should also be sure to put away anything that may be irreplaceable, such as jewelry. Your car might look better with the snow on top, but it could be worth nothing if you lose it.

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